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Jing Life is a company dedicated to ‘Inspiring healthy lives’ we assist and inspire you to a pursuit of balance and transformation for your Body, Mind and Spirit, as well as delivering the best in Lifestyle education.

We are here to help you relax, focus and grow, stretch beyond all aspects of your being – your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies through self-healing modalities of yoga, qigong, meditation and a range of unique practices.

Jing Life offers classes, corporate services, workshops and retreats at exclusive global locations. So allow Jing Life to inspire a healthy change and bring balance back into your world, so you may live in your true Essence and live Life with the highest level of health, wellness, lifestyle and purpose.

What is Jing?

To Jemma’s family she is also known as Jing, later discovered various meanings of her nickname through the studies of Qigong.

Translated in Qigong and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
And internal exercise texts as “Essence of Life”, “Vital Essence”, “Body Essence”, “Congenital Essence”, or just plainly “Essence”.

Jing is considered to be a fundamental substance in the body, which is connected to both the building up of the physical structure and also maintaining the body’s numerous functions.

In more common texts the meaning of Jing can be defined by using several words. For example: refined, pure, perfect, clear, crystal, excellent and superior. These various meanings describe Jing as something of great importance, pure in nature, perfect in arrangement, a refined substance likened to tempered gold..

What is Life?

The course of existence of a Human Being and how one chooses to live it, the experience of being alive and the chosen course of human events and activities.


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