Jing Life Retreats


Jing Life offers retreats locally and globally throughout the year at some of the most divine and exotic locations in the world. When the pressures of life begin to mount, then it’s a perfect time to take a retreat.

Depending on the location, we offer a variety of outdoor activities, from hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing and more. Come for self care and enjoy quiet time, immerse yourself in daily routine of yoga, qigong, other movement classes and meditation, to help you integrate these into your everyday life. Immersion in intensive and daily practice brings students back into their own sense of balance and inner peace.

We also include experiential workshops, nutritional tips, delicious healthy cuisine, wellness consultation and most definitely all those luxurious, rejuvenating and pampering spa treatments.

Many people come alone, while others bring a friend or loved one. Everyone’s experience of Jing Life Retreats is as unique as they are. We offer a rich daily schedule that allows you to do just what you want, whether it’s soul-searching, celebrating, or simply remembering who you are when you’re not absorbed by the flurry of family, work, and life. Whatever it is, you’ll return home renewed and transformed from the inside out.

Jing Life also offers these beautiful retreats for small groups, individuals and corporate clients.

Jing Life by Jemma Rivera
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